BrewExpo One-Day Visitor Pass Voucher Code & Instructions

We are excited to offer you 1-day visitor passes to the Craft Beer Conference in Philadelphia. The deadline to redeem these passes is April 8, 2016. No vouchers/passes will be accepted after this date or be redeemed at the event

1.       Go to the BrewExpo America® 1-Day Visitor Pass craft%20brewers%20conf%20inforegistration site

2.       Enter Visitor Information:  Enter the name and email address of the person who will be using the pass. Do not enter your own email address. If you wish to also receive email correspondence regarding this registration, check the “I am registering on behalf of this person” box to enter yourself as the registration administrator.

3.       Enter Voucher Code: your voucher code is VP1258BOOTH3054

4.       Enter Visitor Information: name, address, etc.  (Tip: The “CC Email Address” field is a great place to put the email address of anyone else you’d like to receive email correspondence regarding this registration).

5.       Choose Your Day: Select which day of the BrewExpo America® the person using the pass would like to attend. Only one day is allowed. If you plan to use this Voucher Code for one person to attend multiple days, please contact for alternative instructions (i.e. to have one person attend multiple days under one code – please email specifics letting me know how you would like these broken down. For example: five 1-day passes, one 2-day pass, and one 3-day pass)

6.       Complete your registration – Click “next” through the “Registration Summary” page, and click “Finish” on the “Submit Payment” page (No payment will be required unless the visitor is also buying Welcome Reception tickets.



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