Brand Spotlight: The Bruery Terreux

humulus_terreuxWhen we think of old, and tradition, “wild” doesn’t always come to mind.

But thanks to our friends at Bruery Terreuxâ„¢, these two concepts can occupy the same intriguing space.

A boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA, Bruery Terreux specializes in farmhouse-style wild and sour ales. Mixing age-old traditions with current culture and new forging practices, Bruery Terreux tells the story of wildly traditional bière™.

Bruery Terreux loosely translates from French to “Earthy Bruery.” You can see that strong tradition—with a touch of wild—in the brewery’s label design.

Patrick Rue shaped the brewery to focus on and experiment with wild beers. While The Bruery had been creating such beers since their foundation in 2008, this new opportunity provides a dedicated space, equipment, and most importantly, staff to expand this process more than ever before.

Since the beginning, The Bruery has used Labeltronix as its preferred printer for labels. So it was just natural that Labeltronix would bring a touch of the traditional and the wild in helping to launch Bruery Terreux. Just like The Bruery labels, Terreux is going “all in” with craft-like effects: tactile spot varnish, embossing, and uniquely die cut all using an Arctic Shield material.

“Labeltronix got to know us, and we know them, too. That familiarity really helped when we were ready to launch a new brand. I’m glad we can rely on Labeltronix when we’re ready to go in new directions at The Bruery.” – Benjamin Weiss, Director of Marketing

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