Brand Spotlight: Stagecoach Whiskey

Westward Ho With Stagecoach Whiskey by Cutler’s Artisan Spirits

stagecoachThe Cutler family has been in the spirits business since “moonshine” described what Duke Cutler was distilling. A century later, Duke’s great-grandson Ian decided to evoke the spirit of the West again with Stagecoach Whiskey, a blend of rye and corn that has been aged for eight years.

To translate the old times, Graphic Designer Rob and Amanda Park of Unboxedesign used some of the newest tools of the digital printing trade.

Ian wanted Cutler’s signature ribbon to be affixed to the company’s standard bottle. The Stagecoach brand should evoke a true American Whiskey reminiscent of the ones that hitched rides on stagecoaches to head out West when that was the custom.

With Unboxedesign deft design, Cutler’s Stagecoach captures those times long gone by using the latest in label paper and digital printing.

“We wanted a western feel, but we didn’t want the bottle to look dated,” said Rob. “So we created a sleek black label with tattered edges and UV gloss to add extra dimension.”

A Classic Crest paper was chosen on the recommendation of Labeltronix to get the desired effect. “It turned out to be exactly what we wanted,” said Rob. “A label that could take the UV gloss and allow elements to pop.  Very sophisticated,” Rob said.

In fact, Rob appreciated how informative and responsive the Labeltronix team was every step of the way.

And Ian loved the label.

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