Brand Spotlight: Cima Collina

Shimmering Beauty, Without Breaking the Bank

ccHistory. Time-honored tradition. Blazing new trails.

All these forces shape Cima Collina Winery in Monterey, where winemaker Annette Hoff and owner Dick Lumpkin pride themselves in the standout wines they produce from grapes grown in small vineyards throughout California’s Monterey County.

The grapes are picked by hand. “We choose to do a lot of work by hand because I believe that’s the best way to make wine and express the style we’ve established here over the years,” Annette explains.

Recently, Cima Collina was planning to release three small production wines, each with a story that would require a polished, sophisticated look. As the winery’s graphic designer, Ginny Westcott of Westcott Design, and vintner were brainstorming ideas, they discovered Los Carneros AVA, an elegant-looking Labeltronix material distinguished by its shimmery appearance.

“We chose this paper for its silk-like sheen and almost woven texture and also because it worked well with the inks, foil stamping and embossing treatments we wanted to include,” said Annette.

The label is designed as a wraparound that prints the front and back labels on the same sheet of paper.

“We were concerned that we may have issues applying such a long label to the bottle by hand, but the paper is substantial enough that it goes on smoothly without wrinkling and looks great on the bottle,” said Hoff.

Did the designer and winemaker get the reaction they wanted from customers? “Everyone has really enjoyed the packaging,” Annette said. “They really liked the new look, and they really liked the wine too. That helps!”

Annette is pleased with the final product. “We will definitely use this paper and Labeltronix for future versions of this label,” she said.

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