Brand Spotlight: Buried Cane

4buried-cane_lThe Middleton Family have been faithfully working the land since 1898, spanning 6 generations originally as family lumber business in Aberdeen on the coast of Washington state. Over the years they have since gradually shifted into the grape industry providing table grapes, wine grapes and now several very successful wines.

Their most recent success has come from their Buried Cane brand of wines. The name comes from the careful tending of the bare grape vines over the long frigid winter, burying them under the soil to be unearthed in the spring after the last frost in a time honored tradition.

Anthony’s Restaurant approached Buried Cane to produce a private label embracing the noble red grape of Washington and the Buried Cane 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon was born.

The label is printed on Estate #8 vellum with embossing on Anthony’s and the canes to emphasize the grape vine details. It is spot varnished with a tactile finish, and the label die cut with a unique deckled edge.

The Buried Cane label is the fourth wine label project Middleton Family wines has produced with Labeltronix. “Labeltronix always makes us look great, whether it’s with new package designs or printing our existing labels when other printers couldn’t. Labeltronix always impresses us.” David Anthony Hance, Marketing Director, Middleton Family Wines.

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