Brand Spotlight: Back From The Dead Red

A Buccaneer Revival Worthy
of a Rock Star

dead_red320Watch out. This bold, dark red blend is coming after you. And she means business. She’ll grab you by the throat and pull you in—like the buccaneer she truly is.

“Back from the Dead Red” is a new wine from The Buccaneer brand, and it’s based on a true story as brash and bright as the redhead on the label.

In the 17th century, Jacquotte Delahaye was an orphan driven to piracy as a young girl.  Being a woman didn’t protect this pirate from the law, though. When the authorities came after her, Jacquotte plotted to fake her own death—which she did.

The ruse didn’t last forever. The unmistakable redhead was spotted on the high seas again, earning her the moniker, Back from the Dead Red.

Plata Wine Partners used this legendary figure as the inspiration for its dark red blend comprised of Petite Sirah, Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

As for the label, McLean Design in Walnut Creek created the arresting design, relying on their illustrator who specializes in posters for rock bands.

To capture the high-seas drama of the design, Labeltronix used these techniques:

• Flexo printing
• Sculptured embossing to highlight the hair, eyebrows, lips and logo
• Spot tactile varnish to add a compelling “feel” to go with the eye-catching look of the label

“Faced with a tight timeline, we thank our designers and suppliers for their efforts in making this happen,” said Doug Walker, CEO of Plata Wine Partners.

“Labeltronix helped us turn the Back from the Dead Red design into a true standout label once it was printed. We know the fast action and collaboration worked. Back from the Dead Red is selling very well at BevMo! Stores in California, Arizona and Washington!”

Thanks, Doug. It was our pleasure to help you make the Jacquotte story come alive again.

And what about you? We dare you t’ order a sample Back from the Dead label.  Are you brave enough t’ try? Aye! Order me sample here.

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