Baker & Brain Find Strategic Partner for Growth With Lean Labeling by Labeltronix

102On a Yosemite backcountry camping trip in 2009, Josh Baker and Matt Brain discovered a common goal. They wanted to create a wine label that would showcase the hard work and responsible farming that was taking place at their favorite vineyards.

When Baker & Brain launched, the owners chose to buy their first run of labels from a printer that other vintners in the area were using. That labeling operation was fine, says Melanie Brain, who does marketing for the operation. “But we didn't feel they were going above and beyond in any way; they didn't give us any special attention.”

A Dedicated and Trusted Account Manager: When Melanie discovered Labeltronix, the customer service experience far surpassed what she had with her original label provider. “I need someone to make me feel comfortable, positive, and like I'm in good hands,” she said, adding that she appreciates that the Labeltronix team feels like part of the Baker & Brain team.

Exceptional Quality: “The quality's fantastic,” Melanie says, “and the suggestions I get from Labeltronix make the final result even better.” Thanks to these recommendations, the winery added embossing and a tactile spot varnish to make the labels more eye-catching, and a coating to white wine labels to keep them intact and secure, even when the bottles are submerged in ice-cold water.

Responsive Delivery: “On our very first run of labels in 2011, there was a problem that was completely my fault,” Melanie said. “It was a miscommunication, but they sent a rush order right away,” she said.

Competitive Pricing: “The thing that sold me on Labletronix is that the company has a fair minimum order. If you meet that minimum, you get a great price,” Melanie said.

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