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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Since 1993, Labeltronix has distinguished itself by breaking ground in the labeling industry. Today, we are Southern California's leading provider of labels, labeling systems and supplies, service and technical support.

The single-source supplier for our customers, Labeltronix relies on our labeling experts to be trendsetters. Our experienced and highly skilled workforce represents the backbone and fundamental strength in the labeling industry.

Groundbreaking Technology
Labeltronix uses state-of-the-art presses to create standout labels. Your labeling project can be completed to perfection on our digital or HD Flexo printing presses. Our finishing equipment adds special touches that will set your labels apart. more

Groundbreaking Facility
In 2011, Labeltronix moved into its 50,000-square-foot state-of-art printing plant in Anaheim, California. The new facility was designed entirely with customers in mind. Decisions about maintaining top quality inspired how and where state-of-the-art printing technology was placed, and how it is operated.

Groundbreaking Quality
Labeltronix routinely wins top awards for the labels it creates for clients and is certified with the top international quality standard, the ISO 9001: 2008...more.

Groundbreaking Customer Approach
Lean Labeling® is the trademarked Labeltronix program that represents a better way to design, manufacture and manage labels. It grew from our ability to put ourselves in the place of label-buying customers, and provide solutions for them.

The Labeltronix Mission
Our mission is to help companies make great impressions by providing high-quality, cost-effective labeling solutions, superior customer care, and establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers.